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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Penny Dreadful Press honored with two Champion City nominations!!!

I proud to announce that my comics; Gothic Romance, and The Faustians, have been nominated for awards at the second annual Champion City Comic Con! GR for Best Anthology, and Faustians/Dave Arhar for Best Original Concept! I'm pleased as punch! Here's a link to the announcement at the mighty comicrelated.com and a list of all the talented nominees.


Best On-Going Indie Comic Series:

Mr. Jigsaw-Ron Fortier/Gary Kato

Hot Shot-Free Style Komics

Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'

Best Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel/Collected Edition:

Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier/Rob Davis

The Legacy-Andy McGinn

Return to Point Pleasant-Chad Lambert

Best Indie Limited Series/One-Shot:

Lackluster World-Eric Adams

Fallen Justice-Cary Kelley/Harold Edge

No Gods-Dustin Carson

Best Indie Publisher:

Ringtail Cafe'-Ringtail Cafe'

Gen-Eric-Lackluster World

Red Handed Studios-Fallen Justice

Best Indie Writer:

Andy McGinn-The Legacy

Chad Lambert-Return to Point Pleasant

Eric Adams-Lackluster World

Best Indie Artist:

Mike Watson-Hot Shot

Jackie Hernandez-Ringtail Cafe'

Scott D.M. Simmons-The Wannabez

Best Original Concept/Story Idea:

Daughter of Dracula-Ron Fortier

No Gods-Dustin Carson

The Faustians-Dave Arhar/Penny Dreadful Press

Best Anthology:

Cliffhangers-Studio Akumakaze

Gothic Romance-Penny Dreadful Press

Tales From The 'Field-Twilight Star Studios

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