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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Champion City Comic Con 9/12/09

I will be attending the first annual Champion City Comic Con this weekend in Springfield, Ohio. Admission is $5.00. Children under 12 get in free. If your in the neighborhood, why not stop in and support the Indy comic scene? Here's a little more information....
Saturday, September 12th
Wittenburg University Springfield Ohio
Doors open @ 10:00am
Guest of Honor-Chad Lambert-writer
Speaking Guests only
Matt Smith-writer
Andy McGinn-writer
Featured Guests
Dustin Carson-writer
Dave Arhar-writer/artist/publisher
Chad Strohl-artist/writer
Chris Hoskins-artist (Studio Akumakaze)
Chris Martin-artist (Studio Akumakaze)
BJay Johnson-writer (Studio Akumkaze)
Jacob Newell-artist (Studio Akumakaze)
Julie Wright-colorist (Studio Akumakaze)
Chuck Moore (Comic Related)
John Wilson (Comic Related)
Brant Fowler (Comic Related)
The D20 Girls
Jef Price (Necessary Cool)
Tim Hagans-writer/artist
Martez Sparks-artist
Brian Miller-writer
Ren McKenzie-writer/artist
Pat Baumgardner-writer/artist
Victor Dandridge-writer
Mike Wattson-artist
Joe Shover-writer/artist
Stephen Hines-writer/artist
Gary Church-artist/writer
Derron Church-artist
Jackie Hernendez-artist
In Attendance
Scott Riley-artist
Bill Gladman-writer/artist
Raichal Gladman-writer
Chris Metzger-artist
Frank Raynor-writer

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